Brevard Art's & Entertainment Radio Project
The Brevard Arts & Entertainment Radio Project
Operating the only Space Coast Radio Station devoted 24/7 to
showcasing the rich arts, cultural, and entertainment assets of Brevard County.

Streaming at both (click Listen Live) and (search WKQK).
Simulcasting to over 600,000 potential local listeners at 1300 on the historic AM radio band.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Brevard Arts & Entertainment Radio Project
(more than just a radio station) is switching to a (predominantly)
Listener-Supported Funding Model

Who owns the WKQK broadcast license?
The WKQK broadcast license is owned by Will and Susan Standley's local small business, 321 Corporation.

How is the broadcast license used?
The Standleys have dedicated* the use of the WKQK broadcast license to community service,
with the mission of showcasing the rich arts, cultural, and entertainment assets of Brevard County.

What is the station format?
WKQK features news about upcoming arts, cultural, and entertainment events
in Brevard County,
plus music exclusively by local artists, The Stars of the Space Coast.

What is the station content?
The station prides itself on the fact that it features 100 percent local content (no satellite feeds or syndicated programming)
with a positive message (no politics) about our area.

What is the Brevard Arts & Entertainment Radio Project?
The Brevard Arts & Entertainment Radio Project operates the only Space Coast radio station devoted 24/7 to showcasing the rich arts, cultural, and entertainment assets of
Brevard County. Please click the "About" link at the top of this page for more about the project.

How is the station's content distributed?
The project's content is distributed and made available in a wide variety of ways. This includes Internet streaming and traditional terestrial radio broadcasting.
Primary Internet distribution channels include (click Listen Live) and (search WKQK).
On-Air distribution is via broadcasting (simulcasting) at 1300 on the historic AM radio band.
Additional on-air distribution is planned on the FM radio band within the next few months via a recently granted new FM license.

Is the project a 501(c)(3) non-profit?
No. It was decided not to convert the station license to non-commercial status.

Why not switch to offical non-profit status?
There are a variety of reasons that the broadcast license owners decided not to file to change the station license from commercial to non-commercial status.
One of those revolves around that fact that once a station license is converted to non-commercial status,
it severely limits the type of announcements that can be aired on behalf of the station's supporters, sponsors, and underwriters.

Fact is, non-commercial radio stations are prevented from rewarding their supporters/sponsors/underwriters with a "call to action"
like  "come on down for Taco Tuesday" or "be sure and come by for our big close-out sale" or whatever.
This severely impacts the station's ability to provide something of value to its underwriters in exchange for their support.

Can a private individual or business commit the use of one of its assets to a charitable cause and/or community service?
Short answer...yes. A business or an individual can designate some asset they own to be used for a charitable cause and/or community service.

How will the money be used?
Project sponsorship proceeds will be used firstly to offset monthly operational costs. Secondly, sponsorship funding will be used for facilities repair. A
nd thirdly, subject to remaining resources, funds will be used to acquire equipment to launch the small FM that was recently licensed to the station.
All collected funds will be used for these purposes as necessary week to week and month to month.

Will the founders and license owners receive compensation?
If and when adaquate funding is available, the project's founders may be compensated for their efforts at or relatively near minimum wage.

Content Distribution Channels
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WKQK - Radio 1300
on the radio at 1300 on the historic AM radio band.
The AM radio signal reaches a potential 600,000 listeners every day.
The station (formerly WRKT Rocket Radio) has been broadcasting and serving the Space Coast since 1959.

* The WKQK Radio 1300 license has been dedicated by the owners to community service
subject to supporters, sponsors, and underwriters providing adequate funding to offset costs.