Radio 1300 Project
The Brevard Arts & Entertainment Radio 1300 Project.

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The Brevard Arts & Entertainment Radio 1300 Project's mission is to provide 24/7 community service to local residents, visitors, and those with an interest in the area by showcasing the positive assets of the Space Coast, with a particular focus on the rich arts, cultural, and entertainment assets here in Brevard County.

The primary vehicle for sharing this content is currently via the Radio 1300 WKQK programming, which is distributed 24/7 both on the air and via streaming on the Internet.

The project's goals also include preserving locally historic Radio 1300 WKQK, which was orginally founded here in 1959 as WRKT "Rocket Radio."  (Sadly, the WRKT call letters are no longer available, thus the WKQK moniker.)

Radio 1300 WKQK is now, in fact, the flagship station for The Brevard Arts & Entertainent Project and broadcasts news about local arts, cultural, and entertainment events while exclusively featuring music by local artists, The Stars of the Space Coast (currently approximately 200 local bands on air).

The station's programming is available at least eight different ways on the Internet, including streaming at (click Listen Live) and via (search for WKQK). You can also ask your smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to "stream WKQK."

The station also still broadcasts 24/7 at 1300 on the historic AM radio band and has recently received a new license to construct a small FM to simulcast the project's content on the FM band.

Future plans next year include construction of the newly licensed FM, enriching broadcast content, and sponsorship of a variety of local events aligned with the station's mission.

Please click the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link above to read more details about the project.


Radio 1300 is owned and operated by the local small business 321 Corporation -- Copyright 2018 - 321 Corporation